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Cow Sale Winter 2012

Dummy Bucking of three bulls we sold at the 2011 NFR Bucking Bull Sale


Name:Iron Eagle

Number: A115

Naccarato bred bull


Name: Hillbilly

Number: 410

PBR Hi Score:41.50

Hillbilly Sam(Hopkins bred)  
Hopkins cow

Name: Alligator

Number: 513

Alligator Alligator(Hemsted bred)  
Hemsted cow

Name: Tiger Jacket

Number: 95

PBR Hi Score:42

Tiger Jacket Little Yellow Jacket  
Berger cow

Name: Flint

Number: 505

PBR Hi Score: 44

Flint Hemsted bull  
Hemsted cow

Name: Nevada

Number: 70

Nevada Berger bull  
Berger cow

Name: Jewel

Number: 21


Jewel Hopkins bull  
Hopkins cow

Name: Arrowhead

Number: 213

Arrowhead Houdini  
Kish cow out of Wolfman

Name: Hippity Hop

Number: 912


Hippity Hop Grasshopper bull  
Russell cow
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